OFFERS camping for monthly and seasonal stays
by reservation only


1 month stays

JUNE € 350,00 ; JULY € 650,00; AUGUST € 1.100,00

2 months stays

JUNE and JULY € 850,00; JULY and AUGUST € 1.650,00

Seasonal stay

JUNE, JULY and AUGUST € 1.850,00

  • Offers camping for monthly and seasonal stays are for crews with up to 2 people;
  • This offer, in addition to what is stated in “all prices”, also includes 1 car parking and electricity.
  • Each person added to the declared people or other service or other supplement, pays the daily fee as per price list.

All prices not include: Tourist tax. It’s a fee has to be paid in cash.

All prices include: VAT, organized entertainment from July to August, free hot-water shower and camper service.

The daily fees will be charged from the day of arrival, regardless of when you arrive.

• Prices shown per day include: VAT, entertainment from July to August and free hot-water showers in all periods. Daily fees will be charged from the day of arrival, regardless of when you arrive. All camping guests are requested to leave camping areas by 12 midday, those who wish to stay on longer will be charged an extra day. Vehicles must be parked in the unattended parking areas.

• Prices shown per day not include: the tourist tax. It’s a fee has to be paid in cash; € 1,20 per person per day for a maximum of 10 nights, excluding children up to 11. (Unless otherwise provided from the City of Peschici).

• In the period “D” the minimum stay is one week. For all other periods a stay of at least 3 nights (especially for CAMPERS).

• We do not accept bank cheques.

• Small pets are allowed (max Kg. 8) but must be declared at the time of booking. It is not permitted to leave pets in the campsite section alone.

Visitors from outside – Any unauthorised persons found in the Campsite may be asked to leave immediately. We reserve the right to refuse entry on the premises.

Camping plots can be booked for a minimum of 1 week by sending a deposit of € 200,00. This amount will be fully retained in case of cancellation. Any requests to leave before the booked departure date will be refused, whatever the cause of cancellation (this rule also applies to those who arrive after the booked arrival date) refunds will not be paid for the entire fee of the booked period. Acceptance of booking is subject to availability and we also reserve the right to decline bookings upon arrival. In the case of late arrival and if you have not contacted the Resort, booked camping spaces will be held until 10:00 am. on the day following the date your booking was due to commence unless prior arrangements have been made with the Resort.

A safe is available at the reception for € 3,00 per day; opening times are from 12:00 to 13:00 and 17:00 to 18:00.

Silence is requested from 24.00 to 7.00 hours and from 14.00 to 16.00.

THE CANCELLATION can be made by e-mail or fax 30 days before the occupation of the booked unit, bungalow or pitch, withholding 50% of the amount paid as a deposit. The booked period will be paid in full in case of cancellation of the booking from 0 to 7 days before the arrival. No refund is due to who interrupts the stay before the deadline, whatever the cause of renunciation and who communicates cancellation from 0 to 29 days before arrival. The booked period will be paid in full even in case of delayed arrival or early departure. In case of delayed arrival, the housing unit will be kept free until 24:00 on the day of arrival, except for communications. Otherwise the Management has the right to rent to others without any obligation of reimbursement or compensation.






Località Paglianza – 71010 Peschici (FG)



0884 911136

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